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Privacy Policy TOP

At we highly respect your privacy! All information submitted will never be sold or distributed to anyone else for any reason. It is for our administrative purposes only and will be kept confidential and never shared.

Shipping Policy TOP

I ship USPS for almost everything to ensure lowest cost. If your item was shipped within the US, you will receive a tracking number.

Insurance is not included in the shipping price and must be purchased separately.

International shipping is available to any country the USPS is allowed to ship to; shipping charges are based on the actual price it is to ship your items.

Significant differences in the amount of shipping charges vs. the actual shipping cost will be refunded after the package has shipped. I do combine shipping on packages from Saucytots and Etsy but there must be a note attached to the order or an email sent as soon as possible alerting me of your shipping combination.

Large (over 15 pads) packages and International mail ship out on Wednesdays.

Our pads are shipped in a very non-disclosive manner with my personal return address without a business name attached.  All customs forms note something generic like “Fabric” or “Cloth”. You will find a receipt inside and occasionally a business card and/or token of appreciation. If you prefer to not receive these extra items in your package please let us know when you place your order. We will gladly help conserve paper by not adding your receipt upon request.

If you order from another country you must be knowledgeable of your own country's import tax laws. If you refuse your package due to not paying customs fees, your original shipping cost will NOT be refunded.

If you have ordered a custom item it may take from 7-30 days to make and ship your items depending on the amount of custom orders placed ahead of yours. If you would like to know the current turnaround time before placing your order feel free to send me an email or contact me through this website or Etsy. Please do NOT use Twitter or Facebook as a messaging tool as I do not check those nearly as often as emails.

Refunds and Exchanges TOP

The following items can't be returned or exchanged
Because of the nature of these items, unless they arrive damaged or defective, I can't accept returns for:

Custom or personalized orders
Intimate items (for health/hygiene reasons)

Items lost in the mail are nonrefundable unless shipping insurance was purchased at the time of the sale.

Packages will not be accepted COD.


Q: How custom can I make my custom order? TOP
Very! I offer a 25% discount to anyone who sends in their own fabric as a topper and will entertain a deeper discount for those who send in fabric for their core if it isn't available through here.

I offer flannel, terry, hemp jersey, hemp terry and PUL as options for the inner core.

I have had orders where the same print was used for both sides, removing the fleece layer. I have had orders where they wanted pads to be only 6 inches long up to 18 inches long. I can make wingless pads and I'm even attempting to create a thong line!

The options are as endless and creative as our minds!

Q: How should I launder my Mimiís Dreams pads? TOP

It's simple: just pre-soak in cold water, then machine wash and dry.

To break it down further: Soak or pre-rinse thoroughly in cold water (change the water daily if you soak). Then machine wash with your dark clothes or towels in cold or warm water. Machine dry completely. Mimi’s Dreams pads can also be safely hand-washed and line dried, but it's not necessary to do so.

Wash your Mimi’s Dreams pads before your initial use. The fabrics made to create your pads have been pre-washed and pre-shrunk in a non-perfumed hypo-allergenic detergent but may still shrink a bit.We have found that our pads are at their best absorbency rate after 3-4 washes. It fluffs up the cotton material giving it the most room to trap liquid.

If you want to use additional laundry boosters, we recommend stain removers like Bi-O-Kleen's Bac-Out or Oxi-clean are also effective.

Never use fabric softeners as they coat your pads with a film that hinders the absorption of the liquid into the fibers of the pad. If they ever start to have an off smell, try a drop or two of tea tree oil in your wash cycle.

Please note: Chlorine bleach is NOT recommended or needed. The bleach will not only shorten the life of your pads but will put toxins both into our environment and close to a very sensitive part of your body!

Do not  boil or microwave your pads as this will cause your snaps to warp or melt. Machine drying is fine!

Q: How often should I change my Mimiís Dreams pads? TOP
As often as you feel necessary! Only you know your body the best, if you are on your heaviest flow day, you will probably want to change your pad more often than on a lighter day. The flaps that snap around your underwear act as wings to protect the sides of your panties. However, they can leak if left unchanged for too long, just as disposable pads will if they become too saturated.

Q: Does the top-stitching go through all of the layers of the pad? TOP

Starting on 9/1/2013 the stitching of my pads changed so that the stitching does NOT go completely through the pad but only through the layers of the inner core, securing it to the top layer.

Q: What are the differences in the cores? TOP

Core Options:
Liner- 2 Layers of Cotton Flannel or 2 layers of Hemp Jersey (Default for Petites and Minis)
Light- 3 Layers of Cotton Flannel or 3 layers of Hemp Jersey (Default for Pantyliners)
Moderate- 2 Layers of Cotton Flannel and 1 Layer of Terry or 2 layers of Hemp Jersey and 1 layer of Hemp Terry (Default for Maxis and Overnights)
Heavy- 3 Layers of Cotton Flannel and 1 Layer of Terry or 3 layers of Hemp Jersey and 1 layer of Hemp Terry (Default for Goddess & Goddess L)
Super- 2 Layers of Cotton Flannel and 2 layers of Terry or 2 Layers of Hemp Jersey and 2 layers of Hemp Terry (Default for Goddess XL)
Adding PUL to your core option adds a layer of PUL to the bottom of the core.

Adding PUL to your backing option replaces the entire back of the pad with PUL.

Q: Are Mimiís Dreams pads water proof? TOP

Our standard pads do not have any sort of nylon or PUL inside. Mimiís Dreams pads are made to be breathable as well as absorbent.  Just like disposable pads, they will leak or spill over if you leave them on too long. You will become familiar with just how long you can go before changing your pad.

We do offer PUL as a custom option for a nominal upgrade fee.

Q: How many Mimiís Dreams Pads do I need? TOP

This is mostly based on how often you want to do laundry during your flow. If you have easy accessibility to a washer and dryer you can probably go with a smaller stash than those who donít or who just prefer to do laundry once, after itís all over.

 I would suggest starting a small stash with a variety to make sure the pads are suitable for your body size and flow and then probably around 6-10 of your preferred day sized pads and 2-3 of your preferred night sized pads.

Q: Why are cloth pads so much more expensive than disposables? TOP

After the initial sticker shock, they are actually much less expensive. When compared to the amount of money spent on disposables, it only takes a few years to make up the cost of your cloth stash. They are made to last 5+ years. Many people tell us they still use the same pads they bought when I started in 2004!

Q: When can I expect to receive my order? TOP

If your order is a Custom Order (e.g.; you chose the fabric on top, the fabric inside, or otherwise did not buy an in-stock item from our Etsy Shop) then you should expect your turnaround time to be anywhere from 7-45 days. Some weeks are busier than others and it is very hard to predict how long it will take to get to your order, to create your order and the amount of time it takes to ship your order.

 If you need a smaller time frame please feel free to email me before you place your order to see around how many orders are ahead of yours.  

 It is common to not hear anything from me until I’ve actually started your order or have questions about your order or until you receive your email with your shipping notice saying your item has shipped.  If at any time you are concerned or need an update please feel free to email me, I usually respond within 48 hours. We also have compiled a list of Current Custom Orders here: and while this may not tell you how long it will take, it will give you an idea of how many are ahead of you. It is normally updated every 2-3 days or whenever orders ship out.

 If you are looking for pads with a short turnaround time please visit frequently for pads that ship within 1-3 days.

Q: Where else can I find you on the web? TOP

Find out as soon as we stock new in-stock pads, offer discounts or run any promotions via:





 If you are located in Europe please check out my affiliate for more pads and shipping discounts

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