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#MD-411 Storage Bags

These bags are designed to store your clean pads. There are no waterproofing materials inside. Each bag has a drawstring closure for easy hanging.

Small Bags are 10"x10" and hold up to 10 pads, depending on size
Medium Bags are 12"x12" and hold up to 15 pads, depending on size
Large Bags are 14"x14" and hold at least 30 pads, depending on size

Starter Package w/ Small Bag


Not all fabrics will be available for bags, have at least 3 prints available to choose from in case one isn't available!

Fabric Print Selections
Mobile Friendly Fabric Prints

I also give the option to send in your own fabric for a 25% discount!

If you are ordering in-stock items they will be delivered immediately. (You will only find in-stock items at our Etsy Shop) All custom orders take from 3-6 weeks to ship as they are custom made to your specifications. Orders that have a combination of in-stock and custom orders will be shipped all at once, when the custom order is finished.

Size:Small Bag $7.00
Medium Bag $8.50
Large Bag $10.00
Print Selection (First Choice):
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Print Selection (Third Choice):

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